Smart Ways

Smart Ways
Smart Ways project will create an innovative Internet of Things platform to promote a sustainable mobility.
The  main technical objectives of the Smart Ways project are detailed below:
  • Design an efficient IoT platform for communications, storage and data analysis.
  • Develop a pilot sustainable mobility scenario applied to vehicles in the city. Including features such as monitoring energy consumption and provide information of interest about streets, roads and parking spaces.
  • Develop a highly efficient technology platform for optimized interconnection of sensors, aimed at optimizing traffic and roads lighting devices. Contribute  to savings in public spending, in the meaning of lighting and urban traffic.

The various advantages that involve the results of the project, include the following:

  • Savings in public spending, by controlling the lighting on roads, streets and other routes.
  • Increased efficiency in relation to their competitors (better monitoring, optimal integration of information, greater saving of resources, etc.) thanks to the innovative technology that the platform will provide.
  • Safe communication between vehicles and drivers using speech recognition and dialogue management techniques.
  • Use of the most advanced Big Data techniques for establishing policies for vehicle routing, interactive lighting patterns and user behaviour analysis. Optimization of the interaction between users and the client application.